My purpose in continuing to serve as the County Commissioner position #3 is to bring greater fiscal restraint to Deschutes County and to protect and improve the management of our natural resources in Deschutes County.  You deserve to have a commissioner that treats your taxpayer dollars respectfully.

Affordable Housing and “Local-Appropriate” Land Use

A growing number of working families are struggling to find housing they can afford in Deschutes County.  Most communities regulate development with zoning, density restrictions and parking requirements. Both traditional and more recent land-use policies increase the cost of housing and housing takes up a larger share of a household budget.  It is important to shrink these barriers in order to develop more affordable housing.   The current land-use is regulated by the State of Oregon and may work for urban communities but is not appropriate for Deschutes County.  I would like to lead an effort to bring land-use decisions back to the county level.  This would allow us to determine what is working and what needs to be evaluated and changed. 

In addition to working on land-use issues, local government can lower construction costs by streamlining and creating a fast-track approval process; lower construction permit fees where appropriate, contribute underutilized buildings and raw land; and create incentives to encourage higher density development closer to employment opportunities.

Natural Resources

We all deserve county commissioners who will be guardians of our valuable resources.  Deschutes County has a worldwide reputation for its natural beauty but we have two significant challenges:


Forest Management:  Our dry forests are at risk of large, high-intensity fire because of the effects of poor forest management over the past century. It is critical that the county support proactive forest management by working on Forest Vegetation and Wildland Urban Interface issues with state and federal agencies in order to protect areas of special concern, such as municipal watersheds and reservoirs, habitat for sensitive species and residential areas. 


Water Resources: 

We have two aquifers, Deschutes and Alfalfa that are impacted by county commissioner decisions.  Significant numbers of wells have had to be deepened in recent years.  Unfortunately, past relatively dry winters may further impact the amount of water available for residents and farmers.  With 75% of this resource under federal control, we must find ways to be better stewards of this dwindling resource.

Fiscal Responsibility

It is very important for our commissioners to exercise discipline and oversight on every task and consider the impact to taxpayers now and for years down the road.  Since 2007 our population has increased 19% but the county's general fund property tax fund has grown by over a whopping 60% during the past twelve years.  We need commissioners who will demand answers and insist on improved control of county spending.  It is my goal that Deschutes County be regarded as a leader in providing valuable and high quality services to our county residents and be respected as one of the most efficient and effective local governments in Oregon.

Marijuana Operations

As a county, we’ve learned a lot since the 2015 County Commissioners opted-in for cannabis operations on our behalf.  What is becoming more apparent is that there is still more to learn.  The cannabis industry brings many challenges that need to be addressed such as odor, noise and public safety.   Recently the County Commissioners office has been discussing amendments to the current regulations and it is anticipated the regulations and enforcement of marijuana production on rural lands in Deschutes County will change.  This is a good start but we also need the resources to impose these regulations and the ability for law enforcement to step in when rules are broken. 

Patti Adair is the RIGHT CHOICE for Deschutes County Commissioner

  • Fourth generation Oregonian

  • University of Oregon graduate

  • Former Certified Public Accountant

  • Owns / manages a horse breeding operation

  • Fundraising and leadership roles for schools and hospitals, over $2M raised

  • Patti and her husband have raised three sons and currently live in Sisters, Oregon

Patti will provide you with responsive representation so that Deschutes County continues to be the ideal area in which to live, work and raise future generations.