Patti Adair

Meet Patti

Oregon native Patti Adair currently holds Position 3 as a Deschutes County Commissioner.  She and her husband Bob live on their horse ranch in Sisters Oregon, which was always a family dream.


Patti Adair’s family settled in Eastern Oregon near Ukiah in the 1850's. Patti grew up in Heppner, Oregon and is familiar with the joys and struggles of rural life on a ranch.  Many years of her young life were spent as a 4-H member and Rodeo Royalty.  She received her Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Oregon, and after attending Central Washington University she earned her CPA license from Washington State.

Over the years Patti has coordinated various fundraising projects and served in leadership roles ranging from schools to hospitals. She worked in the accounting field for many years while also managing their family horse operation and raising three boys!

In November 2018 Patti was elected as a Deschutes County Commissioner. Determined and industrious would be great words to describe Commissioner Adair as she daily advocates for the flourishing of families and businesses in Central Oregon. Patti is among those who are working to build a sustainable and thriving future for Deschutes County.


When not occupied with official county duties, Patti can be found with her horses or supporting local businesses.  Patti makes a point of often visiting local boutiques, coffee shops, restaurants and the like. She is a huge advocate for small businesses in Deschutes County, and believes it is important to encourage new and existing companies to prosper. 

Commissioner Patti Adair sees each new day as a fresh opportunity to support and improve the lives of Deschutes County Residents.  For as long as she is in the fight, Patti resolutely serves our community and hopes that all who live in the beautiful heart of Oregon can thrive!