Patti's Achievements


Patti Adair's Achievements To Date:

Held the County portion of property tax increases under $0.06/per thousand for the past 3 years.

The Court System has been a huge focus, and I fought to get two

additional circuit court judges added in 2021. This
was long overdue in light of the steady population growth
in Central Oregon.

Harper Bridge was finally updated in 2019, though it was on the Deschutes County safety plan back in 2012. By getting this finally resolved,

pedestrian safety and traffic issues are hugely improved.

Photo of the paved parking near Harper Bridge pictured below.














Much work was poured into improving and updating the Smith Rock recreation area in 2019, which included parking, roads, facilities, etc.

This was also long overdue, as parking had not been updated since 1993.

We have stopped marijuana expansion in Deschutes County. This is a growing issue in Oregon, and we now have Mexican drug cartel operations in 9 Oregon Counties.

Recently, Deschutes County Sheriff's Office SWAT team assisted Central Oregon drug detectives in dismantling an illegal marijuana grow in Alfalfa, which was run by a Mexican drug cartel.


Click the image below for the article.






We will continue to fight against this issue in our County. After three years of testifying on Senate Bill 391 to help provide additional affordable housing, I am pleased that the bill finally succeeded in 2021. I am now working to help move SB762 forward in order to establish final details that could potentially open up 10,000 accessory Dwelling units in rural Deschutes on RR10 and MUA properties over 2 acres.

Click the image below for an article about Deschutes County land being sold for affordable housing in Bend.






The Deschutes County Veterans office is now open five days a week! I have also supported the Veteran's Village 110%. Now with the two additional judges, I hope the Veteran's Court can be improved to better serve this
important community.

I have advocated for Habitat for Humanity support all over the county.

We are adding the bus route from LaPine to Sunriver to make it a win-win for employers and employees. The service started during Covid and has been quite successful.

I pushed to get the Terrebonne Sewer system moving forward! Third time's the charm!

The Stabilization Center is now open and serving Central Oregonians.

In 2020 Fire Free days were expanded in Deschutes County; 3 weekends & 2 full weeks throughout the year. The program has been extremely well received by the public.

Goals For The Future:

Pursuing opening Deer Ridge campus as a psychiatric hospital. There is very little help available in Oregon due to the state hospital in Pendleton closing in 2014. Working towards creating more workforce housing by
setting up a manufactured home park in rural Deschutes County.

Bringing back Senator Knopp's SB 1573 for the long session in 2023; forest land management and thinning in Deschutes County.

Getting improvements made on Hwy 97 in Terrebonne at Lower Bridge.

Working to get the southern county landfill open an additional day of week for our residents.


Working on keeping Worrell Wayside Park Open!













And much more! The opportunities never end!

Commissioner Adair's current memberships and affiliations include:

-        Association of Oregon Counties - Legislative Committee, District 2


-        Central Oregon Health Council

-        Central Oregon Area Commission on Transportation - Chair

-        Central Oregon Regional Solutions Advisory Committee

-        Central Oregon Visitors’ Association (COVA)

-        Deschutes County Audit Committee

-        Deschutes County Behavioral Health Advisory Committee liaison

-        Deschutes County Fair Association

-        Economic Development Advisory Committee - Sisters

-        Hospital Facility Authority Board

-        Project Wildfire

-        Sisters Vision Implementation Team

-        Sisters Park & Recreation District – Budget Committee

-        Sunriver Chamber of Commerce

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