• Nathan Braun

Candidate's Statement for Primary Voter's Pamphlet 2018

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

Deschutes County citizens deserve a commissioner that treats taxpayer dollars respectfully. During my opponent's twelve year tenure our population has grown roughly 20% BUT the county's general fund property tax has grown more than a whopping 60%. Every year she allowed our property taxes to increase by 3%. My goal is to achieve more careful utilization of our county's financial resources.

My other main goal is protecting our cherished way of life including effective marijuana regulations. I'll work tirelessly to protect our beautiful mountains, blue skies, limited water resources and endangered forests. I dedicate myself to making Deschutes County the safest and appealing place to live, work, and recreate -- for us and our children and grandchildren. President Regan declared: the preservation of our environment is "our great moral responsibility."

Sam Carpenter, Oregon Gubernatorial candidate: "My expertise is turning around struggling businesses, and I know this for sure: Our County government needs help fast, and Patti Adair gets things done precisely and quickly and with a smile. She's the energizer bunny and perfect for the job."

Robert Perry, former Redmond School Board Director: "The current commissioner has done very little over her twelve year tenure to control costs of county services. Equally concerning is her non-responsiveness to constituents. In contrast, Patti Adair CARES... Patti LISTENS... and proposes COMMON SENSE answers to help solve complex issues."

As a fourth generation Oregonian, with my grandparent's sawmill at our High Desert Museum, I was President Trump's Political Director for Central and Eastern Oregon. Your support is appreciated.

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