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Bulletin: Black: Vote for Adair

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

10/31/2018, Bend Bulletin

Vote for Patti Adair

A fiscal conservative is one that endorses limits on spending while advocating prudence on those endeavors that do require funding. I am a fiscal conservative and when assessing candidates, I look for traits that indicate fiscal conservatism. I believe Patti Adair has those traits.

I grew up in rural Oregon, attended schools here and by happenstance learned a craft that was not needed in Oregon. To find steady employment, I moved out of state. Patti Adair is an example of that also. She grew up in the rural town of Heppner, Oregon, but looked beyond our borders to seek interesting opportunities. Expanding one’s horizons as Patti did, enhanced her experience as a dedicated community leader, as well as her competence as a certified public accountant.

During the several years that I have known Patti, I have found her an honest dedicated motivated hard worker; she is thoughtful and innovative. Being a fiscal conservative, I am especially pleased with her attention to financial and fiscal details.

Many of us in Deschutes County have been surprised at how fast the cost of living has risen. I am very appreciative of Patti’s concern regarding those trends. Her CPA background makes her eminently qualified to conduct cost-benefit analyses of county spending programs and determine whether adjustments are required.

I believe Patti Adair has the character, leadership traits and professional qualifications to be an excellent county commissioner. I will vote for her and urge you to do so as well.

Jared Black, Bend

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