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Bulletin: Vote for Adair, by Robert Perry

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Bend Bulletin, 9/19/18

This is a response to your Sept. 13 article entitled: “Adair lacking typical GOP support”.

The obvious slant of this hit piece was to cast Patti Adair in a poor light simply because some of the usual GOP “lobbies” or pressure groups were not funding her general election campaign.

What the article failed to recognize is Adair’s support comes from grassroots Republicans and Independents who are concerned with ever-increasing county tax bills.

And Adair’s CPA and small business credentials will enable her to cut the fat out of county administration and hopefully reduce our tax burden.

It’s this type of cost cutting that the Establishment fears — making them waver re: Adair’s candidacy.

It should also be understood that these pressure groups (as well as The Bulletin editorial board) preferred Tammy Baney and were caught flat-footed when Adair out-campaigned the incumbent for her impressive victory.

Rather than focusing on the establishment politicos, who have stayed on the sideline in this race, consider the impressive endorsements that Adair has earned.

These include: Gene Whisnant, Greg Walden, Bill Moseley and Phil Henderson.

It’s also important to recognize that Redmond Mayor George Endicott endorses Patti Adair — and not her opponent (James Cook) who serves as Redmond’s Planning Commission Chair.

That speaks volumes!

Keep in mind that establishment politicos at all levels fear change. On Election Day, voters will support Patti Adair and Deschutes Taxpayers will be the benefactors — not the Establishment.

Robert Perry, Redmond

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